AR 101 in 2020 — Social AR Reigns Supreme but Web AR is Here

What is Social AR?

Social AR is shown through various social applications, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, to increase interaction with users. It includes a set of camera filters that are interesting, engaging, and can provide a customer-to-brand or retailer transaction. Other social platforms have AR capabilities, but I will concentrate on top 3-Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. (Please note; TikTok is starting to experiment with AR but has not opened up the platform to develop for.)

What is Web AR?

Web AR allows your to display AR content through a mobile web page that is given access to your camera. Web AR is fairly new, however it is promising and is evolving quickly. We anticipate a huge boom in Web AR content in 2020. Web AR isn’t as easy as what the Social platforms have put together. There are two major Web AR development platforms — 8th Wall and Zappar. Groove Jones has evaluated both. There a subtle differences, but we have been using Zappar for the past 6 months with great success.

Who is Engaging with AR

According to its earnings report in May 2019, Facebook has more than 2.7 billion users across its app network, and more than 1 billion of them use AR experiences. Facebook’s AR may not be as central to the app as it is to Snapchat, but it’s available on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and the home hardware camera system-Portal.

Camera Effects and Lenses — What’s the difference?

They’re the same thing. Nevertheless, a different approach has been taken by different social networks to what they call them. For example, Snapchat calls their AR camera effects “Lenses,” whereas they are called “Effects” by Facebook and Instagram. Web AR platfroms do not care.

Face Filters

AR — Objects or World Mapping

AR — Games (AR Face Games)

AR games usually are simple and casual immersive experiences where users play a game with gesture controls to communicate through AR. Games are a great way to get an audience to engage with your brand.

AR — Murals, AR Billboards, and AR Posters

AR — Portals

AR — Voice Filters

Voice filters can be used either to alter or improve your voice or they can be used as an interaction or impact trigger. So a voice can be used inside the filter as a control. Snapchat has an AI portion, so some terms are understood.

AR — Animal Face Filters

AR — Hand and Body Filters

Social AR — Landmarks and Places

Social AR — Shopping

Retailers are seeking to use AR to show their goods via AR to their customers, and this is well known to both Snapchat and Facebook. AR is a tool to maximize the shopping trip for customers. From awareness > to interest > to reflection > to intention > to assessment > to acquisition. In the test phase of that path, several AR technologies break. By enabling 100% of consumers to view their product or their living room, retailers can increase the metrics to encourage consumers to make that decision.

What Are the Differences

Each of the social platforms have AR features, but they are all different. Each has their own development platform as well. Lens Studio is used in Snapchat and Spark AR Studio uses Facebook / Instagram.

Files Size?

For instance, all the platforms have different file size constraint’s, and while they all can record and share, they all have different lengths of time that you can record and capture.

Record and Share Video Capabilities?

All the social platforms allow users unlimited time to interact and play with the AR filters. However, they have different limitations to Record and Share the videos that users make.

Let Us Build One for You.

Groove Jones is a creative technology company that produces next-generation experiences for world-class brands. We are also an excellent agency partner, helping bring creative ideas to life. We are best known for our award-winning work in AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), ML (Machine Learning), and AI (Artificial Intelligence) Application development.



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Dan Ferguson

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